Writing an eBook

Do You Have a Book In You?

If you have always wanted to write a book, why not start with an ebook?

Everyone is an expert at something and other people would love to know what you have to say.

To get you started, try the following:

  • make a list of all the things you know, or have experienced (even health problems can be an area of expertise and you can help others who may have the same concerns).
  • choose the topic you feel most passionate about to start with
  • decide on a time of day and force yourself to write for at least 5 minutes (I find that whenever I have something I don’t want to do, I make myself for just 5 minutes and usually find I can work longer than that).
  • divide your topic into 10 to 12 chapters, with 4 sub-headings per chapter (this isn’t written in stone, just a guideline).
  • make it your goal to write at least a chapter per day if you can.

If you can’t think of chapters, try listing all of the things you know about
your topic. You should then be able to see some common subject areas.

More tips to come and let me know how you are making out with your project.

Have a great day,

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Do You Volunteer?

food together

I think this verse about sums up how I feel with regard to people, no matter what their background or circumstances:

1st Peter 4:10 – God has given each of you some special abilities; be sure to use them to help each other, passing on to others God’s many kinds of blessings.

As a result, I’ve begun to make friends with people that I may not have had in my life and am realizing how special each of them is. I may be offering my time and some of my finances, but those I serve have also become a real blessing to me.

These are the causes that I volunteer with and are dear to my heart:

Dismas – a community for ex-offenders to realize how much God loves them. We meet monthly at a local church for games, a meal, and a time of singing and fellowship together.

I also go monthly to a Dismas meeting within Grand Valley Women’s Prison and have come to know and love each of those dear ladies. We all make mistakes, they are paying for theirs and regret their choices. One day they will be released and re-building their self-esteem and healing their brokenness starts here.

nightlight – Imagine how it would feel to have no family, no friends, no money, and no community? Sometimes not even a home. Nightlight exists to help solve this relational poverty. We meet three nights a week, play games, do puzzles or color, have coffee and snacks at no charge and gladly give the gift of friendship and conversation to all who walk through the door. I volunteer there once a week, serve coffee, and have the privilege of  watching people blossom simply because someone cares.

Makers – Women Creating Together: I and some other special ladies get together at the nightlight location every Wednesday afternoon. Crafting and community are healing broken ladies and helping us realize how important we really are.

Volunteering has the power to take you out of yourself and your problems, to enrich your life, and to make you feel needed and useful. It’s one of the best things for mental health.

Do you volunteer? I’d love to hear your experiences. Please comment below.

Have a great day,

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Computer Skills Checklist

using computerSometimes when you are learning to use the computer, you aren’t sure what there is to know. In fact, you may not want or need to learn everything. Here is a computer skills checklist that I’ve created. You can pick and choose which of the things on the list you are interested in pursuing. And I’ve even got a printable list for you at the bottom of this post. Continue reading

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Butterfly Note Holder

ButterflyThis is an activity you can do with your child or grandchild. I think my grandson would like it if he would slow down long enough to try. Your creation won’t look exactly like the one in the photo, which is the strangest butterfly I’ve ever seen – in fact, it might even be a moth. Anyway, don’t let that distract you from the craft. You could even do extra research about it and then write and tell me.

Anyway, here are the directions:

  • Hold a clothespin to the computer screen and trace a rectangle shape with your mouse for the butterfly body. You can do this in any drawing program.
  • On each side of the body, draw and decorate a large wing. Use the copy and flip functions on your computer to make equal sides.
  • Then print out your butterfly, colour it, and add decorations.
  • Glue the uncoloured side to construction paper and cut it out.
  • Glue the underpart of the body to a clothespin and fold the wings up.
  • Glue a folded twist tie at the top of the closed end for an antennae.

Now find a nice warm place to display those butterflies.

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Self Publishing

You’ve probably heard the saying that inside every person is a book waiting to be written. With the ability to self-publish, it can now become a reality, but often we make the process too difficult. That is, we adults make it difficult. Watch the video explanation that this eight year old girl gives about how to not only publish, but market her books.

Maybe we should watch this with our own grandkids and get them started on the path of creating their own books. Great for their self-esteem and a family forever keepsake as well. What ideas can your family come up with?

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