Keep Learning While Helping Others

Every month I will choose a different non-profit or ministry. Then the proceeds from any of the products you choose from this page will go to that month’s organization. This month’s cause is an organization called Goshen Renewal Ministries.  Find out more about them by clicking on that link.

I’ve created a number of products that may help you on your journey to becoming the hero of your own story and sharing that story with others.   You can find out more about any of the products or courses by clicking on the image or title. You also now have the option to gift your purchase to someone else. To do that, click the image of the gift in the order box.

Bundle Offers From Our Membership. The images shown below are only a small part of the bundles for each month – Click on an image to purchase the bundle for the month of your choice or join as a charter member – pay once and get printables and training every month all year long.










 Dogs CalendarDog Lovers Calendar for 2021

Want to buy the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life? Then this calendar is for you. Twelve beautiful watercolor illustrations, one per month and each is a different breed of dog. Whether your animal best friend is a small dog or a large one, the images will melt your heart, every month of the year.
Beautiful watercolor illustrations of 12 different dog breeds. Please note that you this is a digital download that can be printed off or kept on your computer. Purchase now for only $5, or join as a charter member and get the calendar for free!


Guiding Your Kidpreneur 

43 pages of text and illustrations that you and your Superkid will love to read together. Gives ideas, tips, and examples of young people who have started their own businesses. Purchase now for only $7, or join as a charter member and get the Kidpreneur guide for free!

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Course: Easy Zoom Training

16 short videos take you step-by-step through using Zoom, either as a host or a guest. Also has some ideas for using the time together.

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Would you like to have your own website? Check out my Easy WordPress course.

This training covers everything you need to start using WordPress. Also includes a WordPress Checklist and Quick Start Guide. Created for tech challenged people.

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