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Five-year-old grandson loves to go to the library. I allow him to choose his own titles, which are usually about dinosaurs, bugs, lizards, or snakes. There is something about creepy crawlies that appeals to boys that age. His favorite television shows right now are Dinosaur Dan and The Dinosaur Train.

Anyway, back to the books. When we get home with his chosen picture books, we sit on the couch and read them, one by one. Then they may sit on the shelf for days until he wants to look at them again. But there’s something about a new book that draws a person, no matter what their age, to open its pages and enter another world.

I hope as grandson gets older, his love of books will remain, no matter how many other interests enter his life. I keep our house filled with stories from Dr.Seuss, Robert Munch, and many other special authors. How do you instil a love of reading in your grandchildren?

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    They see me reading and we enjoy reading books together. I read to my grandson every night before bed, his favorite books are simple ones with pictures of animals

    • Angelle
    • Friday

    Reading is a best habit not only for kids but for everyone. It helps improve our vocabulary especially in writing and oral communication. That is why, trained your children to enjoy reading in order to enhance their capability in communicating people because it is very important.

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