gray laptop with black keyboard buttons showing a wordpress dashboard on the screen sitting on a wooden table with coffee cup phone and notepad on top

Computer Skills Checklist

Sometimes when you are learning to use the computer, you aren’t sure what there is to know. In fact, you may not want or need to learn everything. Here is a computer skills checklist that I’ve created. You can pick and choose which of the things on the list you are interested in pursuing. And […]

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elderly woman smiling into the camera

Blogging and Seniors

Searching For Blogs Find blogs on your favorite topics But what if you don’t know what type of blogs you want to even read? Or what if you have a wide interest in everything? Here are some other links you can check out with a wide range of topics. Blogging advice […]

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google search bar showing the history for someone's latest searches

Today In History

Your first challenge is to search the web and find out what happened today in history. (Depending on which day you take the challenge, your answers may be different.) Then let all of us know how your search went. Was it difficult?  Did you find any unusual facts?  Anything else that you discovered? Using google as your starting […]

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black door with a metal mail slot reading the words "no junk mail" to represent spam

Fighting Spam

During the many years I’ve had this blog, spammers have never let up their attacks on people. So rather than looking all over my site, I’ve gathered a number of the posts about spam that I’ve written and hope you find them helpful and reassuring. And don’t let the bad guys win by giving up, […]

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shadow of a grey hoodie with green computer coding running down over top to signify a hacker hacking

Computer Security Tips

Yesterday, the computer literacy group I volunteer with received a number of handouts about computer security when on the Internet. I know sometimes I laugh these off, and I’m not about to stop putting myself out there in cyberspace, but I do need to be careful. So as a reminder to myself and a checklist […]

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man in black suit putting his thumb on the screen with ink showing his print with word security written underneath

Are You Overly Afraid of Identity Theft?

This week I started volunteering one afternoon a week with a local literacy group. They are teaching fundamental computer skills to adults and I’m helping out when needed. We spent our first two hours talking about the parts of a computer and learning to turn it on and off properly. A little boring to my […]

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blue letters with gears drawn on them spelling out the word "TEAM", 6 black business people silhouettes standing in front

Computer Club Update

I started a new computer club at the community center here in town. When we lived in Toronto, I ran one that became very popular with the over 50 crowd. And we didn’t even have computers there. We just discussed our problems and gathered around a laptop I brought in (no Internet). Anyway, the new […]

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photo shows a white sprinter van with the FedEx logo written across the side in big letters a building and car are seen in the background

Acer Computer Repair Update

After having no luck resolving my Acer computer problem through emails to the company, I phoned their customer support and was patiently dealt with by a young techie for a whole hour. He walked me through a number of possible fixes and finally decided that my hard drive was partitioned improperly and they would have […]

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