gray laptop with black keyboard buttons showing a wordpress dashboard on the screen sitting on a wooden table with coffee cup phone and notepad on top

Computer Skills Checklist

Sometimes when you are learning to use the computer, you aren’t sure what there is to know. In fact, you may not want or need to learn everything. Here is a computer skills checklist that I’ve created. You can pick and choose which of the things on the list you are interested in pursuing. And […]

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Using Twitter

By now, most people have heard about Twitter. But what is it really? Twitter is an easy to use program that can provide immediate contact with others. No matter what time of day or night. people from all over the world are communicating via Twitter.  Here you can meet people you would otherwise never have […]

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screenshot of a wordpress dashboard showing a new post page with empty title box ready for writing

Need a WordPress Sticky Plugin? Not Any More!

For any of you who are using the old adhesive plugin with your WordPress blog, once you upgrade your WordPress, the plugin won’t work anymore. But there is an update called the Sticky plugin. (EDIT: just found out you no longer even need to use the sticky plugin with the latest versions of WordPress! YAY!) […]

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photograph of a grey fence under some bushd with a cartoon grandma wearing glasses superimposed over top to make it look like she is peering over the fence

Facebook – What I Don’t Like About It

Facebook is one of our family’s favorite sites, allowing us to stay connected no matter how far away we live. My children upload photos of the grandkids and update us on their lives. One quick post and our entire large family all know what’s going on. It’s a great way to keep in touch and […]

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blond toddler girl in pink tights and a blue shirt learning to rollerskate with a special protective rail

Using Windows Movie Maker

There are a number of programs that are included with your Windows operating system. One of them is Windows Movie Maker and I encourage you to try it if you haven’t already. It’s meant for short movies created from existing photos, Powerpoint slides, videos, or directly from your webcam. The special effects and transitions allow you to create a […]

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puzzle maze on paper with a red line showing the completion from one end to the other crumpled papers scattered all around the table

Create a Maze

Our next challenge will have you using your creativity and patience. I want you to create a maze in the Paint program that comes with Microsoft Windows. If you’ve never used your Paint program, it should be listed under Accessories. Start with a short, simple maze and work your way up to a more intricate design. […]

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google search bar showing the history for someone's latest searches

Today In History

Your first challenge is to search the web and find out what happened today in history. (Depending on which day you take the challenge, your answers may be different.) Then let all of us know how your search went. Was it difficult?  Did you find any unusual facts?  Anything else that you discovered? Using google as your starting […]

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hand holding an illuminated light bulb against a black background

Using the “Yet Another Related Post” Plugin

Since I’ve got a fair bit of content on this blog now, I wanted to be able to show related posts that I’ve done in the past. There are a few different WordPress plugins for that. The first I tried was the Related Post plugin, but I wasn’t sure how to make it work. Non-techy […]

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