blond toddler girl in pink tights and a blue shirt learning to rollerskate with a special protective rail

Using Windows Movie Maker

There are a number of programs that are included with your Windows operating system. One of them is Windows Movie Maker and I encourage you to try it if you haven’t already. It’s meant for short movies created from existing photos, Powerpoint slides, videos, or directly from your webcam. The special effects and transitions allow you to create a […]

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palm trees overlooking ten umbrellas and lounge chairs on the beach with clouds in the sky

Travel Ideas

If you feel like travelling these days, I’ve found a few websites full of ideas. I’m thinking about warm places I would rather be, especially when it’s so cold here I can barely stand the walk from my car to the store. For those of you who don’t mind the cold, there is a mix […]

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Grandaughter Michelle

Our Future Artist

One of my granddaughters is in her third year at the Ontario College of Art. During 3rd year, if your marks and portfolio are very good, you have the option of taking your year at their campus in Italy. Of course she said yes and is having the time of her life. Only problem is […]

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puzzle maze on paper with a red line showing the completion from one end to the other crumpled papers scattered all around the table

Create a Maze

Our next challenge will have you using your creativity and patience. I want you to create a maze in the Paint program that comes with Microsoft Windows. If you’ve never used your Paint program, it should be listed under Accessories. Start with a short, simple maze and work your way up to a more intricate design. […]

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little red haired girl wearing a lacy blue dress sitting on a brown kitchen chair playing on a small violin

Public Domain Classical Music

One of the ladies in my computer club was looking for some public domain music to add to the slideshow she had created in Windows MovieMaker. We found some good classical music at musopen.com Let me know what you think of it and which songs were your favorites, will you? Do you still call them […]

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blond woman on the airport tarmac looking out onto the runway looking for something or someone

Checking Flight Arrivals

These days, with the weather so changeable, it’s a good idea to make sure there are no flight delays before you head out to the airport. Here in Toronto, I checked the flight arrivals at GTAA (otherwise known as Pearson airport) before going to meet my daughter’s flight. I was so pleased to have found […]

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elderly woman with white hair wearing beaded bracelets taking a photo on vacation with a long telescopic lens

Kids Digital Camera

I recently purchased a digital camera for my grandkids to use. Called “Kids Cam Digital Camera”, it’s advertised for ages six and up, but my three-year-old grandson was using it and had no problems at all. The camera supposedly takes 152 pictures , but that must be if you purchase a memory card or something. […]

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photo of how the download process works on a mac computer with a red feather icon symbol

Image Sharing on a Mac Computer

If you are a mac computer user, I have a good image sharing program for you to check out. You can snap a picture of a website, capture a chat moment, take a screenshot of an application, quickly sketch an idea, even add notes with arrows and circles to point out specific things. You can […]

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