Bonding Times

full size black and white coloring page of jesus and mary at birth in bethlehem

Need Some Holiday Activities?

I’ve been feeling a bit disappointed the past few days. My youngest daughter and the three grandkids have moved four hours away and I was really looking forward to seeing them at Christmas. But someone on my grandson’s school bus tested positive for covid so everyone on the bus has been told to quarantine until […]

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orange green fall leaf

Fall Leaf Craft

Creating Leaf Prints During the fall, you might see many different tree leaves on the ground. Depending where you live, you may need to visit a nearby park.  As you walk, collect a few of each type of leaf you come across. Things Required: A variety of different leaves Some watercolor paints. ● Small size […]

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Butterfly Note Holder

This is an activity you can do with your child or grandchild. I think my grandson would like it if he would slow down long enough to try. Your creation won’t look exactly like the one in the photo, which is the strangest butterfly I’ve ever seen – in fact, it might even be a […]

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fishing together

Making Memories By Spending Time Together

Spending time together – there is no better way to create memories. Although our visits with the grandchildren might be seldom, we need to grab the few opportunities we have and make them memorable. Memories don’t have to involve expense, just our time and attention to the little people we love. We don’t need to […]

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Grandson and Grandbaby

Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry – does it ever stop? I was the oldest of five children, most of us less than two years apart. I don’t remember always fighting with my younger sister when I was a pre-schooler. But maybe I better ask my mother first before I get too proud of my behaviour as a child. […]

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six year old boy sits in the grass reading a book on his lap with bushes in the background

Books and Children

Five-year-old grandson loves to go to the library. I allow him to choose his own titles, which are usually about dinosaurs, bugs, lizards, or snakes. There is something about creepy crawlies that appeals to boys that age. His favorite television shows right now are Dinosaur Dan and The Dinosaur Train. Anyway, back to the books. […]

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My Grandbaby

Chicken Pox Adventures

My youngest daughter and her family went camping last weekend. After their first night in the tent, Grandson had spots all over his forehead. Looked like he was attacked by an army of mosquitoes. By noon, Grandbaby Girl had them too and Grandson was covered. Being the all-wise grandmother I am, I looked at the […]

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playing child

Activities To Share With Your Grandkids

Since summer is stretching ahead of us and your grandkids will probably be bored before you know it, I’ve got some ideas. These are excerpts from my guide called “How To Create Newsletters Your Grandkids Will Treasure.” I’ve chosen a few of the hobby and activity related ideas and hope you can make use of […]

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