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Writing an eBook

Do You Have a Book In You? If you have always wanted to write a book, why not start with an ebook? This is a photo of my mother who wrote many books before she passed away. Everyone is an expert at something and other people would love to know what you have to say. […]

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Self Publishing

You’ve probably heard the saying that inside every person is a book waiting to be written. With the ability to self-publish, it can now become a reality, but often we make the process too difficult. That is, we adults make it difficult. Watch the video explanation that this eight-year-old girl gives about how to not […]

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Ann Frank and Me Book Cover

Amazing Life Stories

Here’s another great book that you and your older grandchildren will enjoy reading. It’s called ‘Anne Frank and Me‘ and tells the story of a modern teen who visits a Holocaust museum with her class and is transported back to the days of Anne Frank. Since much of the story takes place in the concentration […]

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The Last Dog On Earth

I prefer reading young people’s novels, rather than adult ones. My reason – a great story and often very well written, but without the added sex and violence that an adult novel usually thinks it has to have. One that I recently enjoyed and think your teen or pre-teen grandchild might too, is called ‘The […]

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the kids almost everything guide

Definition of a Warrior

I read a great definition of a warrior from ‘The Kids’ How To Do (Almost) Everything Guide. It contains some great values for our grandkids and I’m paraphrasing the points: Warriors believe in themselves. A warrior gets help when needed. A warrior doesn’t make excuses when he or she messes up. A warrior does the […]

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