Fall Leaf Craft

Fall TreesCreating Leaf Prints

During the fall, you might see many different tree leaves on the ground. Depending where you live, you may need to visit a nearby park.  As you walk, collect a few of each type of leaf you come across.

Things Required:

            • A variety of different leaves
            • Some watercolor paints.
              ● Small size foam plates.
              ● White card paper sheets.

What to do

● Pour each watercolor paint into a different foam plate.
● If needed, clean the leaves of dust.
● Next, dip one side of each of the leaves that you have collected into the paint in one of the foam plates and then stamp it on the paper sheet.
● You don’t need to follow any regular pattern to stamp. Use different types of leaves with different colors each time and stamp vertically, horizontally, upside down, diagonally, any designs that you desire.

Have fun and don’t worry about the mess. Memories last, a mess is temporary. (Although I like to make sure my grandkids wear a craft apron and we try to paint outside or in the kitchen whenever possible.)


p.s. Keep the camera handy to capture those special times.

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