Psalm 7:10 – My Shield

Many years ago, a godly man travelled to Burma to help distribute Bibles with the Gideon society. Because of an oppressive government, all of the Gideon Bibles had been removed from the hotel rooms.

One night, the man attended a meeting of the local Gideons to talk about how they could get the Bibles back into the hotels.

During the meeting two men were loudly singing hymns at one end of the room and the singing was so disruptive that the man had trouble hearing the conversations. Finally he asked “Why are those men singing when we are trying to have this meeting?”

One of the other men replied “Because this room is bugged, and the singing confuses the enemy who is trying to listen to us.”

The spiritual lesson in this is that when we sing, we take God as our shield and protection against all the chaos around us. Even Paul and Silas sang as they were in chains, until an earthquake happened and they were released. Why not try it?

Psalm 7:10 – My shield is God most high, who saves the upright in heart.


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