Back Up With Mozy Before You Break Down

Envision this: my laptop has just died, but I have rescued my hard drive and connected it to my desktop computer. Feeling secure that my data was now safe, I merrily start typing away. Suddenly my screen goes black and my computer powers off.

Heart attack city, here I come! My first thought is do I have a backup? And my answer unfortunately is no. Many weeks of work, precious pictures and music gone forever.

Thankfully, I was able to revive my computer and frantically searched for a free backup site called Mozy that I had heard about. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy my computer experience again.

If you need a computer backup, Mozy is the only free, full-featured remote backup service. Get peace of mind – try Mozy.

and let me know what you think. By the way, the free service is a limited size and the link for it is found near the bottom of the page (left side, unless they’ve moved it).

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