Computer Crafting

puzzle maze on paper with a red line showing the completion from one end to the other crumpled papers scattered all around the table

Create a Maze

Our next challenge will have you using your creativity and patience. I want you to create a maze in the Paint program that comes with Microsoft Windows. If you’ve never used your Paint program, it should be listed underĀ Accessories. Start with a short, simple maze and work your way up to a more intricate design. […]

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photo of how the download process works on a mac computer with a red feather icon symbol

Image Sharing on a Mac Computer

If you are a mac computer user, I have a good image sharing program for you to check out. You can snap a picture of a website, capture a chat moment, take a screenshot of an application, quickly sketch an idea, even add notes with arrows and circles to point out specific things. You can […]

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Fear Not for I am with You. Bible verse Isaiah 41:10 printed on a beach photo with waves and flying birds during sunset


Trying CafePress Today I have been going from frustration and tears to elation and smiles, all because of a website. I decided to try getting my own store up on Cafe Press, but it was so hard to get the picture saved properly. I opened a photo I had and cut away part of it, […]

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mockup of illustrated room from paint program like

Building Houses in Paint

The seniors’ computer club is going well and the ladies are always so enthusiastic. Last week we played with the paint program that comes with Microsoft Windows and had great fun drawing houses. Imagine all the grandchildren who’ll be putting gramma’s creation on the frig for a change! Would you like to try your hand […]

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Crazy Talk

I’ve been playing with a new program that I have called ‘Crazy Talk’ and having a great time. I recorded my voice and attached it to a birthday card that features an animated picture of a dog (can’t help it, I like dogs). The dog’s lips move and my voice comes out – very cute. […]

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