Digital Photography

blond toddler girl in pink tights and a blue shirt learning to rollerskate with a special protective rail

Using Windows Movie Maker

There are a number of programs that are included with your Windows operating system. One of them is Windows Movie Maker and I encourage you to try it if you haven’t already. It’s meant for short movies created from existing photos, Powerpoint slides, videos, or directly from your webcam. The special effects and transitions allow you to create a […]

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elderly woman with white hair wearing beaded bracelets taking a photo on vacation with a long telescopic lens

Kids Digital Camera

I recently purchased a digital camera for my grandkids to use. Called “Kids Cam Digital Camera”, it’s advertised for ages six and up, but my three-year-old grandson was using it and had no problems at all. The camera supposedly takes 152 pictures , but that must be if you purchase a memory card or something. […]

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front page of Picasa website with photos of families pets and stories

Picasa Photo Editing Program

Picasa is a free photo editing program available from Google. It can easily fix red-eye, crop unwanted areas, change colors and a number of other neat effects. After seeing all the great features of the Picasa program, I wanted to download it to my home computer. To do this, you go to the Google site […]

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avery magnetic photos mockup with star, mouse and colored markers

Magnetic Pictures

Avery White Printable Magnet Sheets These are so neat, I really liked them. The package costs about $10 or more for 3 letter size sheets, so it isn’t a product I will use for everything. But if you plan your design so that a number of things can be printed on one sheet and cut […]

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