Beachpreneurs and Pensicola Beach

I didn’t mention in my last blog post, but I was also watching the Florida hurricane closely because I was headed to Pensicola Beach for a ladies mastermind retreat. I was there for close to four days, working with three coaches and four other awesome small business owners. We came from both sides of Canada as well as the United States and were new to one another as well as the retreat. Here’s a photo of the house we stayed at. It’s even on stilts, as were the rest of the houses there:

Florida beach house

Yes, the surroundings were amazing, although I didn’t go in the ocean. I walked along the beach and seeing all the jellyfish that had been left by the tide made me a little nervous to swim in it.

Our sessions together were everything I had hoped for. We spent most of our time together, cooking, creating vision books, talking about our challenges and celebrating our successes. The first night was spent talking about our mindset, which was something I’ve never done, and ended up being very helpful.

I knew I was going to work on my business, what I didn’t know was that I would start talking about my dream for the future. About all of the women I hoped to help someday soon. And once I started sharing what I wanted to do, these amazing women were ready with suggestions to make my goal a reality. In the coming weeks, I’m going to tell you more about what I want to do and am hoping you will catch my vision too. It’s too big for me to accomplish alone!

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