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My Learning Goal

Starting From Scratch I have decided to start fresh with my trying to learn Internet Marketing. I have bought way too many tutorials I have not finished and dowloaded way too many free resources I have never read. I feel like a chicken with my head cut off, running in so many directions and not […]

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Why Write an Information Product?

Think back to less than 40 years ago. The computers at the company where I worked were held in their own large room and each of them was over six feet tall. How much life has changed in that short time. Technology has changed, ideas have changed, and the mindsets of entire nations have changed. […]

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World Internet Summit Toronto

My mother and I really enjoyed our time at the World Internet Summit Toronto. This is the first time it was ever held in Canada. There were a couple of highlites for us: one was meeting a lot of the Internet marketers that we only knew online. The other was when one of the organizers, […]

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Buying Programs and eBooks You Can’t Use

Today is confession time. Computer and information junkie that I am, online marketers are often my downfall. Not because their programs and ebooks are no good, but because they may not be useful to me at the stage I am. Too many times I have purchased products that sounded so amazing, but I didn’t have […]

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eBay Workshops

EBay continues to be something that a lot of people would like to learn and I will be conducting a number of workshops in the coming weeks. These will take place on Saturdays from 10 in the morning until three in the afternoon. Last year at this time I was doing eBay workshops and having […]

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eBay Abbreviations

A bit more about eBay. Although some people will tell you that eBay is no longer popular, my local computer store is now selling software to help you learn to sell on eBay. If you’ve seen it and are wondering if you should buy, don’t. Between the free tutorials available on eBay and the ease […]

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eBay Success

Last year, my daughter and I taught a class on “Buying and Selling on eBay” at the local seniors’ center. The class was six weeks long and hands-on. Each person brought an item in to sell and we took them through the whole process, from signing up with eBay and Paypal, to writing a description […]

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Selling On eBay

I have been teaching a few workshops about using eBay for a number of months now, but was never very interested in doing it myself. But it seems every time I turn around, someone is recommending eBay, not just to make money, but as a learning tool for Internet Marketing. I finally decided to get […]

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