Trying CafePress

Today I have been going from frustration and tears to elation and smiles, all because of a website. I decided to try getting my own store up on Cafe Press, but it was so hard to get the picture saved properly. I opened a photo I had and cut away part of it, but then the program wouldn’t let me save it to use. So I copied it and pasted it into a Word document, but it wouldnt save as a JPG (picture) file, only as a text document. I finally managed to put it into Powerpoint, although I still dont know how to adjust the size.

I tried ordering from Cafepress instead of setting up my own shop. I received two calendars and a framed tile from them. The tile is framed in wood and makes a great wall hanging. My only complaint was that the picture was a little darker than the original, but still quite nice.

The calendars were from two different cafepress stores – one that my new daughter-in-law set up and that has 12 wedding pictures she chose for the calendar – a great keepsake. The photos are not as clear as their smaller originals, so the pictures should have been a higher resolution, I guess. The other calendar was created in Photoshop and the colours are clear and vibrant.

The one drawback to CafePress is that they are an American company, so I had to pay over $15 in duty.

UPDATE: There is now a site you can shop from so you can save your money for duty costs.


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