Magnetic Pictures

Avery White Printable Magnet Sheets

These are so neat, I really liked them. The package costs about $10 or more for 3 letter size sheets, so it isn’t a product I will use for everything. But if you plan your design so that a number of things can be printed on one sheet and cut out individually, the cost is less. The package said ‘safe for injet printers’ and I used my laser printer with no problems. The sheets feed through easily and the magnet paper sticks well afterward. I give this product an A.

Another idea for the magnet paper is to use it to print out some colour photos. In Word or a photo editing program, click {Insert} and {From File}. Then look at the list of files in your computer for the picture you want. Usually, pictures end up in the folder marked My Pictures.

Click on the picture you like and it will be inserted into your program. Check Print Preview to see if the size is right, then print the photo on a piece of magnet paper. (One sheet at a time in the printer). You might want to print a draft on paper first, since the magnet paper is expensive.

Afterwards, if you like you can get some clear laminating paper (the kind that doesn’t need heat) and carefully apply it to your photo to keep it clean . Stick your photo magnet on the frig (yes, it will stick with the plastic over top) and get ready for the compliments.

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