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Make Money Using Your Computer

Some of these ideas are easy enough for an older child to do, or you and your child could do them together. Don’t disregard an idea as being too difficult, there is probably a software program out there that can help you with it. Make  bookmarks decorated with photos and laminated Create custom crosswords Type manuscripts for […]

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Excel Spreadsheets

My mother uses an Excel spreadsheet to plan her monthly budget. One month’s activities are copied and pasted to a separate worksheet and the figures changed to reflect the current month. For example, January’s budget can be copied and pasted to a February worksheet. Then the month and any figures can be changed as required. The Excel program calculates totals and provides any formulas needed. […]

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Magnetic Business Cards

Instead of paying for promotional materials, why not create your own? These can be easily made using magnet paper from your local office supply store. The paper will need to be cut on a paper cutter after, but makes nice business cards that people can stick up on the frig. Use printable magnet paper for […]

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Never Too Old To Learn Internet Marketing

My 80 year old mother and I decided to get together regularly to study Internet marketing. I thought we might meet for about half an hour, but we ended up talking for over two hours. Its so much more enjoyable to brainstorm with someone else and this is helping us both focus. Now we just […]

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