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[Podcast] Our Controlling Thoughts

Notes About the Episode: why you need to be careful about what you think a basketball experiment and the results of visualization

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[Podcast] Dealing With Negative Comments

Points covered in this episode: why I haven’t been doing videos as much how the comments and actions of others can affect us my experience on the registration desk of a social media event regardless of age you have a lot to offer don’t listen to what other people have to say, do what you’ve […]

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[Podcast] Knowing Too Much

Show Notes: story of a man in Bangladesh who helps women start their own businesses why he doesn’t teach them how the perils of knowing too much his one requirement – self-confidence and a team 98% of the women pay back the loans get going gather a support group Have a great week and be […]

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[Podcast] Success In Spite of Challenging Beginnings

Show Notes: To be successful, do you need to have money, intelligence, connections, everything going for you? Read biographies and that is not the case In 1966, this man dropped out of school because of a learning disability Then started a student magazine and sold advertising Four years later started selling records to his subscribers […]

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[Podcast] Be Thankful

Show Notes: Reading of I Thessalonians. 5:18a Give thanks in all circumstances because you can’t be negative and be thankful at the same time. The experiences of my husband and I when we volunteer at the local homeless shelter and the thankfulness of an elderly man. Have a wonderful week, Carol

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[Podcast] Recognizing Your Abilities

Reading my Bible in the morning and singing a bit helps me to have a more positive start to my day. Consider this verse: Romans 12:6 says “God has given each of us the ability to do certain things well.” We don’t realize that and think everyone can do those things, but that’s not true. […]

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[Podcast] Most Richly Blessed

Welcome to my new podcast! I’m planning to release a new episode every Monday. Below are the show notes. I hope you enjoy this new feature.

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