photo of iphone with small skateboarder doing a stunt while hanging on to the glass looking like they came out of the phone


My youngest son owns a couple of iPod repair shops in Toronto, so he keeps up with all the latest products from Mac. He got himself an iPhone and brought it with him when he visited us. It’s a neat looking little thing with very clear graphics and the capability to not only talk on […]

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icon of a grey desktop computer with blue folder with a piece of paper showing in it.

Organizing Computer Files

It seems this is the third time I’ve written about organizing my computer files. Every time I think they’re under control, I realize I can’t find a product I bought and downloaded. This time I took every print-out of a downloaded file or program, numbered it and wrote the corresponding number, along with the item […]

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black canon camera for photographers with telescopic lens

Helpful Gadgets

Digital Camera For Moving Help I recently moved to a new home and hated the thought of putting my china cabinet back together. I have a lot of┬ákeepsakes and it took me forever to arrange them all. I decided to take a picture of each section of the shelves with my digital camera. After the […]

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Buying A New Computer

First of all, computers can be very frustrating. No matter how much you may know about them, they will often do things that make no sense. The more you learn, the more there is to learn, so don’t get discouraged. If you have an old computer, you can keep it as a backup, as one […]

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Getting Organized On The Computer

Today I am determined to get organized. It seems that I spend half my time getting rid of extra stuff and if I was more careful right from the beginning, I would save myself a lot of trouble. So today I am spending time to organize all of my writing (newsletters, articles, and the blog) […]

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Tips For Computer Use

Take a Picture of Your Computer Screen Did you know that you could take a picture of your computer screen and send it to the clipboard? Then you can paste it into a graphics program or into a Word document to show an image of the screen. To capture the screen, press Alt and the […]

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Computer Lessons Recently Learned

These are the computer lessons I’ve learned the last few weeks: 1. Keep a computer journal – every time you have a problem, write it and the solution down. When the same problem comes up again (which it often does), you know what to do. With a memory like mine, this has saved me a […]

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