Bonding Times

hands holding hairdressing scissors trimming the back hair of a lady with brown hair

Have a Bonding Day

One of my grandaughters is in second year university, a two hour drive away from us. She had a couple of days break over the holidays and came out to visit for a bit. We had a wonderful afternoon together doing what she liked best – shopping and the hairdresser. Our day started at noon so […]

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white grandma holding her five year old grand-daughter in her arms while she kisses her and hugs her neck back

The Lost Art of Thank You

When my kids were growing up, my husband’s mother faithfully sent them a card and money every birthday until they were eighteen. With our six kids and the children of my hubby’s six siblings, those were a lot of  birthdays to remember. When our kids received these gifts, they were always pleased, and would have […]

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