Crazy Talk

I’ve been playing with a new program that I have called ‘Crazy Talk’ and having a great time. I recorded my voice and attached it to a birthday card that features an animated picture of a dog (can’t help it, I like dogs). The dog’s lips move and my voice comes out – very cute. I sent it to one of my granddaughters and am waiting to hear what she thought of my original card.

Then I got a picture of myself, used the wireframe tool to fit my facial features and again recorded my voice. This time my lips moved and eyes blinked as I spoke. I spent so long on this and was having so much fun with it that my husband finally told me I should get off the computer and quit wasting my time.
I tried for a while to do the same thing with the picture on my website, but it’s more complicated, so I haven’t mastered it yet. Generally the program is very easy to use and great fun.

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