This is another poem that I wrote many years ago. I hope you like it.


I don’t know how to tell you
Just what to do or say,
When thoughtless, shallow people
Turn their heads and look away.

They take their health for granted,
Their eyes and ears and limbs,
And when they see you’re not the same
They sigh and sing their hymns.

I’m sorry you were born this way,
I’d like to make you whole.
But imperfections of the body
Have no bearing on the soul.

There will be times of darkness
When you will sit and cry.
The cruel, heartless staring
Will make you want to die.

They don’t know what it’s like to be
A babe born incomplete.
So raise your head and wipe your eyes,
You won’t accept defeat.

There’s a world out there to conquer.
You can make it if you try.
Don’t let self-pity swallow you.
My child, hold your head high.
┬ęCarol Bremner

Finding that poem reminded me of the awesome life that Nick Vujicic has made for himself against all odds. Born without arms or legs, he motivates young people around the world to be the best that they can be. As well as being able to find Nick’s inspirational videos on Youtube, this is his book, Life Without Limits. Makes you realize that happiness doesn’t depend on our circumstances, doesn’t it?

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  1. That is such a beautiful poem and I am thankful that you wrote it and shared it. The love of a mother can be the support one needs in those trying times. Children and even adults can be cruel but having the love and support from family and friends who truly see into your soul and not just at your outward appearance can make the difference you need to be a success.

  2. This is a beautiful poem. Life, indeed, has no limits. Thanks for sharing this!

      • Gramma C
      • Wednesday

      I’m glad you enjoyed the poem, Diane.

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