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You may not think that your computer could help you find a doctor, but it sure can!

We moved to a new city and one of the first things we had to do was find a new doctor. So how do you know if the doctor is any good? The ones that people recommended were not taking new patients. Finally, I chose based on distance from my house and gender (I wanted a lady doctor).

Now, if I had gone to my computer first and checked out, I could have saved myself some trouble. I’d have found out that people always wait a long time to be seen, although they have appointments. That her manner is a little abrupt, and that it’s hard to get through by telephone to her office.

I’m not really complaining though. At least I didn’t choose the doctor who was a former veterinarian and had ex-patients who said he should have stuck with animals.

RateMds lists doctors, dentists and specialists, and relies on feedback from patients to get their ratings. Even if you aren’t looking for a doctor, it makes interesting reading.

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  1. Some of us have to play the preferred doctors game. Forced on us by our insurance company. But will check out, have mixed feelings about mine which I had to transfer to when the walk-in clinic where I was going closed and only gave notice after it had closed.

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