I Love My iPod

Yes, you heard me, I love my iPod, even though I’m almost 60 years old! Not for the same reasons that my children and grandchildren do though. I rarely listen to music on the iPod, but I like to learn, as much and as often as I can. It keeps my brain active, gives me something to talk about besides my aching bones, and someday might help me to make some money as an Internet Marketer.

With the iPod, I download MP3 tutorials from different sites, usually about business, and listen while I do other things that I don’t need to concentrate on. Like doing dishes, waiting in line or on a bus, and especially when I walk. I watch my grandson part-time and long walks pushing the stroller have become learning and fitness times for me now.

How do you keep up with your learning when your time is limited?

I am still learning how to use my ipod and i just started checking into using iTunes

Using iTunes

In order to add music or audio to my iPod, I had to install iTunes on my computer. Easy to do, and from there I simply import any mp3’s that are on my hard drive.

My one problem is I didn’t realize that iTunes doesn’t actually import the file itself and if you delete the mp3’s from your computer, they will still show on the iTunes playlist, but they aren’t really there.

I somehow deleted the audio from my iPod and tried to re-install them from iTunes and I could not for the life of me figure out why they were displayed on the playlist and yet when I went to listen, there was nothing on the iPod. I must have tried five times before I finally realized the files needed a link to the original mp3.

Moral of the story – when you import mp3’s to your iTunes playlist, don’t delete the actual music or audio from your computer.

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