Looking Back and Pressing Forward

Every year brings another birthday, another year older, another milestone. Today I’m looking back at life as it once was and pressing forward to another life ahead. Join me as I reminisce, won’t you?

I remember:

  • running up the stairs and still full of energy at the top
  • looking in the mirror and seeing myself
  • thinking quickly, always able to find the words I needed
  • a smiling face without any downward pull at the corners of my mouth
  • clear eyes, alert and active
  • eagerly starting each day as though it was a new adventure
  • a jumble of ideas and ambitions all fighting for space in my mind

But now, those things are all warm and distant memories. Instead my days are filled with new realities:

  • trudging up the stairs, pulling myself with the handrail and pausing for breath, finally reaching the top with racing heart
  • looking in the mirror and seeing my mother
  • often forgetting where my sentences are going
  • mouth and eyes showing the effects of gravity and age
  • slowly pulling myself from my bed each morning

Yet the ideas and the ambitions still fight for space in a mind that is foggier. I’m still me and the world is still waiting to be explored. What about you? Are you pressing forward?


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  1. Absolutely! It’s. . .
    Water aerobics instead of jogging
    Comfy shoes instead of sexy shoes
    A wise heart instead of a quick mind.
    Each stage of life has its joys as well as its trials. And if I were still on the south side of 40, I wouldn’t have seven fantastic grandchildren!

      • Gramma C
      • Sunday

      Love your points Susan. And I wouldn’t trade the grandchildren and great-grandchildren for anything:)

  2. Carol, What memories this brings back. I guess it’s kind that life happens gradually so we don’t notice all these aches and pains at one time but I wouldn’t change anything about my life. My mother told me something once and I have always remembered it..”You never really get old you just end up being a young person in an old body” and I feel like that everyday but I am thankful for everyday. Thanks for such a great post.


      • Gramma C
      • Friday

      Hi Gail:) I can really relate to the ‘young person in old body’ statement. We used to live across from a playground and often in the warm weather, a fashionably dressed older lady would stop for a quick swing before she continued her walk. In those days I thought she was a bit crazy. Now I understand.

  3. Too true! I’m tickled pink to take a bike ride or a walk without suffering too much pain in my bones or muscles. Geez! But, the wonderful thing is that I AM riding my bike and walking. And, what’s more, I’m doing this stuff with my grandkids. 😉 Yes, I think back and remember what it was like not to struggle with things like movement. But, I love the future, too. Youth IS wasted on the young. I really wish I could somehow get my grandkids to understand how fast it all goes… but then, if they knew, if any of us knew at the time, we wouldn’t have been so carefree.

    Thanks for this moment of truth.

      • Gramma C
      • Friday

      Hi Patti, so nice to have you visit the blog:) I well remember the days when ‘Time goes by so slowly’ was part of the Righteous Brothers song that I fully agreed with when I was young. Now, I hold on to the minutes.

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