Acer Computer Repair Update

After having no luck resolving my problem through emails to Acer, I phoned their customer support and was patiently dealt with by a young techie for a whole hour. He walked me through a number of possible fixes and finally decided that my hard drive was partitioned improperly and they would have to give me a new one.

I had the option of either shipping my desktop, at my expense, or taking it to the Acer repair centre. Since it was less than an hour away, in Mississauga, I opted to take the computer in myself. That was on a Monday afternoon.

Rather than drive there again to pick my machine up, I told the Acer technician to ship it to my home when it was repaired. There would be no charge for shipping when it was delivered back to me.

Much to my surprise, my Acer desktop was repaired and delivered to my home on Friday of that same week. Their service was quick and efficient and restored my faith in the company. Oh, and my hard drive now has two large partitions. I am a happy gramma indeed.

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  1. Glad to hear that your machine is now fixed. I personally would have some
    how marked the hard drive to see if they actually replaced it, though
    come to think of it every hard drive has a serial number, so would have
    noted it on a piece of paper and stored the paper where I could easially
    retrieve it. Just to verify that it was actually replaced.

  2. You are probably right Robert, but that didn’t occur to me. I was just wanting to get my computer back before I went into withdrawal. I have a laptop, but it has a bad habit of shutting itself off. That’s a rant post for another time.

    By the way, I checked out your blog – it looks good. You seem to have had better luck with uploading pictures than I have. I think my wordpress needs updating or something – inserting pics is a big hassle and sometimes they will only upload if they are so small that you can hardly make them out.

    There are so many times I wish I was a techie – too bad pensioners don’t get free training here, or I would jump on it (note – I won’t be a pensioner for six more months, but I’m getting myself in the mindset already).

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