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Article writing really works. I was getting fewer and fewer visitors to my blog this past month. Then I rewrote one of my ezine articles and after it was accepted, my daily visitors increased by thirty to forty people. This doesn’t seem like much but when you are just starting out it gives quite a boost to your enthusiasm.

Another way to get more visitors is by repositioning your blog posts. Look back over the previous posts on your blog, freshen them up to make them more relevant to the present time and publish them anew. With a WordPress blog, it is very easy to preview your post, save it as a draft, publish it when you are ready or schedule it for publishing at a later date.

If you are just thinking about starting your own blog, there are four reasons why this is a good idea:

– First, it will help you fine-tune your writing skills and allow you to master the written word.
– Second, you will find yourself analyzing everything you read in your area of expertise in order to develop clarified thoughts on how to express your own opinion on the topic.
– Third, blogging is a great networking tool as you will start to develop friendships with other bloggers who cover the same topics.
– Fourth, for those of us known as Seniors, blogging is a way to present our ideas, memories, ambitions and even our favorite pictures, to an interested online readership.

Since I have been blogging I have become more interested in all the ways that others enjoy this pastime.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great information on article marketing. I really enjoyed it.

    1. I enjoyed it to Gail. And since GrannyBlogger is well over 80, we have no excuse.

  2. I’m glad you like the blog. Please come again.

  3. As you say Gramma C, GrannyBlogger is ‘well over 80’, a fact that makes the success of her blog all the more impressive. It’s great that seniors, often unfairly stereotyped as technophobes, are embracing new technology and using it to promote the quality of their work. As the article mentions, the networking aspect of blogging is one of its biggest draws; when isolation is a growing problem for the aging population its essential that accessible channels of communication are exploited in order that people retain a good quality of life.

      • Gramma C
      • Monday

      Hi Ian,
      I agree with you that the networking aspect of blogging, as well as feeling like a contributing member of society, are both crucial as we age. I bet if there were a study done on senior bloggers, it would be found that they have a better quality of life than many of their peers. Add to that the fact that we need the knowledge and life experiences that older people can pass on to future generations and it makes me wish everyone over 50 had a blog:)

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