Butterfly Note Holder

ButterflyThis is an activity you can do with your child or grandchild. I think my grandson would like it if he would slow down long enough to try. Your creation won’t look exactly like the one in the photo, which is the strangest butterfly I’ve ever seen – in fact, it might even be a moth. Anyway, don’t let that distract you from the craft. You could even do extra research about it and then write and tell me.

Anyway, here are the directions:

  • Hold a clothespin to the computer screen and trace a rectangle shape with your mouse for the butterfly body. You can do this in any drawing program.
  • On each side of the body, draw and decorate a large wing. Use the copy and flip functions on your computer to make equal sides.
  • Then print out your butterfly, colour it, and add decorations.
  • Glue the uncoloured side to construction paper and cut it out.
  • Glue the underpart of the body to a clothespin and fold the wings up.
  • Glue a folded twist tie at the top of the closed end for an antennae.

Now find a nice warm place to display those butterflies.

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