Buying Programs and eBooks You Can’t Use

Today is confession time. Computer and information junkie that I am, online marketers are often my downfall. Not because their programs and ebooks are no good, but because they may not be useful to me at the stage I am. Too many times I have purchased products that sounded so amazing, but I didn’t have the background to be able to put them to use.

When I see a book I like at the library, I have to get it right then, even though I don’t have time to read it. Why? Because I might not find it again. I guess that’s my mindset when I discover these products, but the problem is they aren’t free, like library books, and they may be outdated by the time I get to them, if I ever do.

It’s a real battle every time I read about a new product. I have to force myself not to buy – not unless I am ready to use the program or ebook right away. But if I had a million dollars, I hate to see what I might be doing.

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