Excel Spreadsheets

My mother uses an Excel spreadsheet to plan her monthly budget. One month’s activities are copied and pasted to a separate worksheet and the figures changed to reflect the current month. For example, January’s budget can be copied and pasted to a February worksheet.

Then the month and any figures can be changed as required. The Excel program calculates totals and provides any formulas needed.

Now my mother is 82 years old, so if she could learn it, so can we. Write a comment and let us know what you think of Excel.

You know another thing I think Excel could come in handy for? That would be running a Lulu Self Publishing business. It would be great for keeping all of your titles, sales and traffic in order.
Curious about what self publishing is? Here is a brief post on the breakdown and who could qualify for getting started.

Lulu Self Publishing

Publishing A Real Book

I have just been to visit a service available online to the general public and I was impressed with what I saw so I thought I would share with you. If you have always wanted to write your own book or publish a book of your photos or art, the service is easy to use and seems to be quite reasonable. The book covers are also quite attractive. You set your price and Lulu takes care of collecting the money and shipping or downloading to the purchaser.

My daughter, Melanie Bremner, has written a few books that are displayed there (mainly for children) and the book covers look very professional.

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