Fighting a Trojan Virus

My Norton antivirus issue has finally been resolved and I am using my main computer again. A trojan virus had wrecked my windows files so much that I had to reformat the computer, but now it’s good. Norton’s final help was to realize that my account hadn’t been activated since I bought it online last summer, although I was using it until December – go figure. When I reinstalled it everything worked well and I am a happy computerer again.

This got me thinking that it really helps to have useful tools at the ready for these kinds of situations. Screen shots can help a tech support person understand more of what you may be going through. Do you know how to take a screen shot on your computer? Follow these steps below.

Screen Shots
Did you know that you could take a picture of your computer screen and send it to the clipboard? Then you can paste it into a graphics program or into a Word document to show an image of the screen.

To capture the screen, press Alt and the Print Screen key at the same time. Then to paste it, press Ctrl and the V key to see your captured screen.

This is a great trick for doing a tutorial.

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