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Just found a site that looks like a keeper if you have computer tech issues. It’s called Geeks to Go and has a forum to ask and answer questions, how to guides, lots of info on spyware and viruses, and some well written tech reviews on everything from photo software to usb drives.

Definitely worth bookmarking for the day when you will no doubt have a computer problem.

I found a site with free tutorials for beginners in Microsoft Office, basic computers, web design, and programming. It’s called Home and Learn. I just had a quick look since no time right now for a lesson, but they seem fairly detailed. You can also take a free exam and if you pass, pay (in British pounds) to have a certificate sent.

Computer Tutorials For Seniors has some great tutorials under ‘Online Courses and Tutorials’ for computer tasks and internet lessons, or ‘Personal Computing Center’ for scanning, digital cameras, and HTML help.

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