photo of an array of men and women from around the world attached by kines on a grid showing how networking across space happens


I have been learning to create a wiki. A wiki is a site that allows multiple content writers. Wikipedia is probably the best known wiki on the net. You can create a free wiki that can be accessed by anyone, or can be kept private and used by the people that you choose to invite, […]

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photo of a black wired external hard drive open to show a 14 terrabite hard drive ready to be used

External Hard Drive Case

As a lover of shiny, new gadgets, I now have an external hard drive. Not your everyday, takes-up-a-lot-of-room-on-the-desk hard drive either. Since I have this almost ancient desktop that I bought at a great price because mine was on it’s deathbed, I lacked hard drive space. This one has about 10 gig (I think that’s […]

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iphone speakers in a stuffed teddy bear wearing a purple and blue sweatshirt

MP3 Speaker Bear

I have become the proud owner of a cute and cuddly, 9 inch tall, huggable speaker bear. He looks like your regular teddy, except that the soles of his feet are speakers. He has a connection wire on his back to plug an mp3 player into. He’s light enough to carry from room to room, […]

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photo of a red haired lady with glasses wearing a white blouse and black tie holding a pink laptop with pictures of pets and nature swirling all around her symbolizing what you can do on the Internet

E-mail Back-up and Relocator

My old desktop finally crossed into the computer graveyard and was replaced by another old, but not so sick, desktop computer. I hated to say goodbye to my email and my address book, so I thought I’d be smart and buy a software program called E-mail Back-up and Relocater, by Fogware. It was easy to […]

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photo of a 1 gb black micro cruzer usb flashdrive for saving memories

Cruzer USB Flash Drive

I bought a device called a USB flash drive. It’s about the size of a fat marker (some are even smaller)and plugs into your computer USB port. This is much better than saving temporarily on a disk because it’s more like a mini hard drive and will store the equivalent of about 44 floppy disks […]

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photo of iphone with small skateboarder doing a stunt while hanging on to the glass looking like they came out of the phone


My youngest son owns a couple of iPod repair shops in Toronto, so he keeps up with all the latest products from Mac. He got himself an iPhone and brought it with him when he visited us. It’s a neat looking little thing with very clear graphics and the capability to not only talk on […]

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photo of an open black cd burner sitting on a wooden table top with cd ready for burning sitting on top

An Icon Does Not a Program Make

While at my sister-in-law’s for a visit, she was showing me her new (to her) laptop. She couldn’t figure out why there would be an icon on the desktop for a cd burner, yet her husband said there was no burner in the laptop. Since we thought we were smarter than he was, we decided […]

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graphic of a section of the wordpress dashboard with pages comments and websites links hand with pointing finger showing over the comments link

Comment Moderation

I just made a discovery about my comments feature. When I was having so much trouble with spam, I had to stop allowing comments, and I couldn’t figure out why I was still getting them. Later, I installed the Akismet plugin that catches spam (and does a great job too) and turned the comments back […]

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