WordPress Lessons Learned

More WordPress trials and lessons learned these days. First, my WordPress template clashed with a plugin I’d added and wouldn’t work anymore.  The solution was to have the information installed in the template code and now it shows on every page at the top and in the sidebar. Not quite what I wanted, but I’m leaving well-enough alone.

Then, there were too many themes in my WordPress themes folder and they were weighing down my blog, so I had to go through and delete some of them.

Now, my WordPress blogs are exactly where I want them. But do they behave like good little children and stay that way? No, they do not. Today I am having trouble with the videos I’ve inserted in some of my posts. The last time I looked, there were the videos, looking sharp and intelligent. This afternoon, in their place, are buttons that go nowhere when pressed. I’ve managed to fix one, I think, but the other has run away to Florida. Guess it’s even too cold here in Canada for videos!


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