Thoughts Limiting Success

Are your thoughts getting in the way of your confidence and success in life?

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Losing Focus

When you are losing your focus and motivation, here’s an idea for getting it back.

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Good Friday Thoughts

On this Good Friday, let’s focus on all the good things in our lives.

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Why Keeping Your Focus Isn’t Easy

Sometimes keeping your focus isn’t so easy. Today we’ll talk about why.

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young beautiful woman looking out the window with a reflection of an elderly lady looking back at her

Looking Back and Pressing Forward

Every year brings another birthday, another year older, another milestone. Today I’m looking back at life as it once was and pressing forward to another life ahead. Join me as I reminisce, won’t you? I remember: running up the stairs and still full of energy at the top looking in the mirror and seeing myself […]

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Today is National Day of Hope, so I thought I’d write about one of our hopes. Next week would have been the 6th birthday of my great-granddaughter Sara. It’s been a while since she left us, not long after her second birthday, the result of a tragic accident. Every day we think of her and […]

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tourists taking photos and milling around rockformations on a trip

Life-Long Learning

It seems the media is finally taking note that a number of us in the last half of our lives (boy does that phrase make me feel old)  enjoy life-long learning. The front page of our local paper highlighted a man close to 90 who is graduating with his PhD. He says the young students

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elderly female hands holding an iphone showing the desktop wallpaper

Train Your Brain Daily

Since we’re all getting a little older and want to be wiser, we need to keep training our brain. Every day we should try to learn one new thing. Doesn’t have to be anything big, even a new word (Scrabble players take note). Then we need to remember what we learned. That’s the hard part, […]

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