Nursery School Takes Energy

Wednesday morning. That means nursery school for my two grandsons, ages two and four, and I. It also means a break for each of my daughters, both with new babies. And after two hours on my own with the boys, it means I’m exhausted and ready for a nap – some days more than others.

Today was an “I need a nap” day. I’m afraid I don’t know why these women in theirĀ 50’s and 60’s want to have a baby. A morning of chasing after a toddler is enough for me. Nursery school takes all of my energy.

Full-time motherhood is meant for the young and energetic, although even they need a break. So help out a young mom and entertain a child for an hour or two. Then go relax with a cup of tea and a good book. The best of both worlds!

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