This is another poem that I wrote many years ago. I hope you like it. Different I don’t know how to tell you Just what to do or say, When thoughtless, shallow people Turn their heads and look away. They take their health for granted, Their eyes and ears and limbs, And when they see […]

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Ann Frank and Me Book Cover

Amazing Life Stories

Here’s another great book that you and your older grandchildren will enjoy reading. It’s called ‘Anne Frank and Me‘ and tells the story of a modern teen who visits a Holocaust museum with her class and is transported back to the days of Anne Frank. Since much of the story takes place in the concentration […]

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Looking Back and Pressing Forward

Every year brings another birthday, another year older, another milestone. Today I’m looking back at life as it once was and pressing forward to another life ahead. Join me as I reminisce, won’t you? I remember: running up the stairs and still full of energy at the top looking in the mirror and seeing myself […]

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Sleeping Girls

My Little Girl

I wrote this poem when my girls were little, but this photo of my sleeping grandaughters makes me think of it again. Hope you enjoy it:) My Little Girl Blue eyes of heaven shine, her golden hair it glows, I’m glad this little one is mine and I hope she always knows. I love her […]

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The Last Dog On Earth

I prefer reading young people’s novels, rather than adult ones. My reason – a great story and often very well written, but without the added sex and violence that an adult novel usually thinks it has to have. One that I recently enjoyed and think your teen or pre-teen grandchild might too, is called ‘The […]

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the kids almost everything guide

Definition of a Warrior

I read a great definition of a warrior from ‘The Kids’ How To Do (Almost) Everything Guide. It contains some great values for our grandkids and I’m paraphrasing the points: Warriors believe in themselves. A warrior gets help when needed. A warrior doesn’t make excuses when he or she messes up. A warrior does the […]

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fishing together

Making Memories By Spending Time Together

Spending time together – there is no better way to create memories. Although our visits with the grandchildren might be seldom, we need to grab the few opportunities we have and make them memorable. Memories don’t have to involve expense, just our time and attention to the little people we love. We don’t need to […]

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Using Twitter

By now, most people have heard about Twitter. But what is it really? Twitter is an easy to use program that can provide immediate contact with others. No matter what time of day or night. people from all over the world are communicating via Twitter.  Here you can meet people you would otherwise never have […]

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