Looking Back and Pressing Forward

Every year brings another birthday, another year older, another milestone. Today I’m looking back at life as it once was and pressing forward to another life ahead. Join me as I reminisce, won’t you?

I remember:

  • running up the stairs and still full of energy at the top
  • looking in the mirror and seeing myself
  • thinking quickly, always able to find the words I needed
  • a smiling face without any downward pull at the corners of my mouth
  • clear eyes, alert and active
  • eagerly starting each day as though it was a new adventure
  • a jumble of ideas and ambitions all fighting for space in my mind

But now, those things are all warm and distant memories. Instead my days are filled with new realities:

  • trudging up the stairs, pulling myself with the handrail and pausing for breath, finally reaching the top with racing heart
  • looking in the mirror and seeing my mother
  • often forgetting where my sentences are going
  • mouth and eyes showing the effects of gravity and age
  • slowly pulling myself from my bed each morning

Yet the ideas and the ambitions still fight for space in a mind that is foggier. I’m still me and the world is still waiting to be explored. What about you? Are you pressing forward?


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My Little Girl

Sleeping GirlsI wrote this poem when my girls were little, but this photo of my sleeping grandaughters makes me think of it again. Hope you enjoy it:)

My Little Girl
Blue eyes of heaven shine, her golden hair it glows,
I’m glad this little one is mine and I hope she always knows.

I love her when she’s happy, I love her when she’s sad.
She’s a very special part of me, whether she is good or bad.

Her golden hair curls gently as round her head it grows.
She smiles and God is smiling. Great happiness she shows.

Her face will soon show beauty. Her eyes will soon show tears.
Her form will soon show womanhood. Her age will soon show years.

Someday she’ll be a woman with children of her own.
She’ll know the utter happiness of an angel, not yet grown.

Though someday she be gray with age, I know she’ll always be
That little, golden, impish child, who smiles each day for me.

© Carol Bremner

Click here if you want to download and print this poem. And feel free to share it as long as you include my copyright.


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The Last Dog On Earth

I prefer reading young people’s novels, rather than adult ones. My reason – a great story and often very well written, but without the added sex and violence that an adult novel usually thinks it has to have.


One that I recently enjoyed and think your teen or pre-teen grandchild might too, is called ‘The Last Dog On Earth’. Written by David Ehrenhaft, the book tells the story of a boy and his attempts to save his beloved dog.

Set during a time when dogs are being hunted because of a deadly disease they carry, the story is sometimes sad, sometimes funny, and often exciting.

I’m not going to say much more about it because I don’t want to give the plot away – but I did enjoy it. Any favorite books for teens you’d like to recommend?

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Definition of a Warrior

I read a great definition of a warrior from ‘The Kids’ How To Do (Almost) Everything Guide. It contains some great values for our grandkids and I’m paraphrasing the points:

  • Warriors believe in themselves.
  • A warrior gets help when needed.
  • A warrior doesn’t make excuses when he or she messes up.
  • A warrior does the unexpected.
  • Warriors set deadlines, are persistent, and learn from their mistakes.

I think if we could install some of these values in our grandkids, our future generations would be pretty awesome. So next time your grandboy starts to get upset and says he can’t do that puzzle, or your grandgirl cries when she makes a mistake on the picture she’s drawing, encourage them to stand up and be a warrior!

Update: I’ve searched all over Amazon and that book is now hard to find, so here are some other possibilities:


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Making Memories

fishing togetherSpending time together – there is no better way to create memories. Although our visits with the grandchildren might be seldom, we need to grab the few opportunities we have and make them memorable.

Memories don’t have to involve expense, just our time and attention to the little people we love. We don’t need to be talking all the time, or going fancy places – often the most enjoyable outings don’t cost much at all.

As you can see in this photo, my son-in-law spends quality time fishing with his grandson – and yes, that means my great-grandson. Few words are exchanged, but the visits are not soon forgotten.

My newly-turned-six grandboy and I like to visit trailers. Twice a year, our mall parking lot is filled with campers and large RV’s. Since he was four years old, we’ve spent an afternoon going from trailer to trailer and checking them out. We discuss what we like and what we don’t like, talk about our favourites, share our dreams of spending time traveling in them. Then we go to the mall, sit down with a chocolate milk and a small dessert, and watch the skaters on the indoor rink.

I look forward to those times and get all excited when I see the trailers being set up. Not because I want to buy one, but because they mean I’ll be spending special time with that dear boy again 🙂

Now it’s your turn. How do you make memories that your grandkids will treasure?

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