front page of Picasa website with photos of families pets and stories

Picasa Photo Editing Program

Picasa is a free photo editing program available from Google. It can easily fix red-eye, crop unwanted areas, change colors and a number of other neat effects. After seeing all the great features of the Picasa program, I wanted to download it to my home computer. To do this, you go to the Google site […]

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photo of an open grey laptop with a picture of a wordpress dashboard on display sitting on a wooden table with pen and paper phone and cup of cappucino

New Look

Since I am still having trouble with hundreds of porn comments being submitted, in spite of the comments being disabled, I am trying a different wordpress theme. WordPress has a number of different looks and is easy to change, even for a non-techie like me. Some of the themes are a little hard on the […]

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photo of a green soapstone carved bear made by a native indian

Selling On eBay

I have been teaching a few workshops about using eBay for a number of months now, but was never very interested in doing it myself. But it seems every time I turn around, someone is recommending eBay, not just to make money, but as a learning tool for Internet Marketing. I finally decided to get […]

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black canon camera for photographers with telescopic lens

Digital Camera Helps With Moving

I recently moved to a new home and hated the thought of putting my china cabinet back together. I have a lot of keepsakes and it took me forever to arrange them all. I decided to take a picture of each section of the shelves with my digital camera. After the move, I unpacked the cabinet […]

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2 ladies' hand and 2 mens' hands holding business cards out to each other

Make Money Using Your Computer

Some of these ideas are easy enough for an older child to do, or you and your child could do them together. Don’t disregard an idea as being too difficult, there is probably a software program out there that can help you with it. Make  bookmarks decorated with photos and laminated Create custom crosswords Type manuscripts for […]

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Paypal text in dark blue and light blue colors logo with two P's overlapping

PayPal Scam Email

I received an email today, supposedly from Paypal, saying that my account had been charged for a Dell computer. The price was over $500 dollars and the supposed name and address of the person who received the shipment was also included. A similar email came a few months ago, although not quite as detailed, so I […]

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business expenses screenshot of an excel spreadsheet

Excel Spreadsheets

My mother uses an Excel spreadsheet to plan her monthly budget. One month’s activities are copied and pasted to a separate worksheet and the figures changed to reflect the current month. For example, January’s budget can be copied and pasted to a February worksheet. Then the month and any figures can be changed as required. The Excel program calculates totals and provides any formulas needed. […]

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elderly woman's hands tyoing on a laptop keyboard which sits on a wooden table

Blogs By Seniors But what if you don’t know what type of blogs you want to even read? Or what if you have a wide interest in everything? Here are some other links you can check out with a wide range of topics. Searching For Blogs Find blogs on your favorite topics

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